LEIGHTON, George William

1868 - 1940

George William Leighton, as George William Bugg, he was born at Ipswich on 12 June 1868, fourth son of Frederick John Bugg (1830-27 October 1900), a substantial leather merchant, of 53 Henley Road, Ipswich and his wife Hannah Maria née Emeny, who married at Ipswich in 1852. In 1881, a 12 year old, living at Berners Street, Ipswich with his parents, 51 year old Frederick and 51 year old Hannah and siblings, Frederick R. 27, Anne Maria 19, Sarah Elizabeth 16, Arthur S. 14, Herbert Ernest 10 and Frank Edward 8, all born at Ipswich with Frederick's mother-in-law, 70 year old Sarah Crapnell (nee Emeny). Sometime before December 1892 as George William Leighton, he was an architect of 132 Brecknock Road, St Pancras, London. He married at the Presbyterian Church, Ipswich on 17 June 1896, Kate, youngest daughter of George Bird of High Street, Ipswich. In the Ipswich Electoral Roll for 1896 he was living at 53 Henley Road, Ipswich with his office at 6 Princes Street, Ipswich and his father died at 53 Henley Road on 27 October 1900, leaving the then substantial sum of nearly £65,000. In 1901, a 33 year old architect, born Ipswich, living at Leopold Cottage, Orwell Road, Felixstowe with his 40 year old wife Kate, born at Ipswich, and kept two indoor servants with his architect offices still at 6 Princes Street later moving them to 21 Museum Street, Ipswich. A member of Ipswich Fine Art Club 1895-1905, his subjects were all architectural designs for houses in Ipswich and Felixstowe, exhibiting seven works 1895-1898 from Princes Street, Ipswich including 'Houses on the Eastwood Ho Estate, Felixstowe', 'Shops, Office &c. Felixstowe', 'New Billiard Room for W. H. Burroughs', 'New Chapel, Woodbridge Road, Ipswich' and his last in 1898 'Design for a new Presbyterian Church, Felixstowe' and 'Design for a new house at Felixstowe'. In 1911, a 42 year old architect, and with his 51 year old wife Kate, were visitors at 53 Henley Road, Ipswich, the home of his 81 year old widowed mother, Hannah Maria Bugg and her 49 year old daughter Anna Maria Bugg. He was still practising in Ipswich in 1916 but by 1922 had moved away from Ipswich. In 1940 he had a home at Grosley-sur-Risle, just outside Beaumont-le-Roger in northern France and was interned by the German military and died St Jacques Hospital, Caserne Vauban, Besançon on 24 December 1940. His wife Kate, a widow, was of 14 Salisbury Road, Worthing, Sussex when she died at 32a St Michael's Road, Worthing on 31 May 1947, aged 87.

Works by This Artist