DUNTHORNE, James (1730-1815)

1730 - 1815

James Dunthorne, the elder, was born at Colchester, Essex in 1730, son of John Dunthorne, a Baptist Minister at Eld Lane chapel, Colchester, until his death on 4 April 1756. Apprenticed to Joshua Kirby, limner &c., of Ipswich in 1745 for 25 (NA IR 1/17/161). James married at St James, Colchester on 3 October 1752, Elizabeth Hubbard, who was buried on 8 September 1812, and several of their children were baptised at Lion Walk, Colchester in 1760, but not James, jun. The parish rate books show the James lived in Pelham's Lane and later at [104] High Street, Colchester. Portrait and landscape painter and mapmaker, the topographer responsible for several drawings of historic Essex buildings and tessellated pavements which were reproduced in various antiquarian publications in the 1760s-1770s. He advertised for an apprentice in 1762 and the following year advertised a print of a mosaic pavement, price 1/6d coloured, and for land-surveying 'NB Perspective Views of Particular Places will be inserted at the Head of the Plans, if desired'. He made the brass stamp for the Castle Book Society in 1794 and in 1796 was paid twelve guineas by Colchester Corporation for painting the King's Arms. As 'John' Dunthorne, sen. of Colchester, he exhibited at the Royal Academy his son was also noted at 'John' Dunthorne, jun. James Dunthorne died in late 1815, aged 85 'The Ipswich Journal' of 30 December 1815 noted 'a celebrated painter much respected'.

Not a Suffolk Artist, this father and son are often confused with another father and son, John Dunthorne and his namesake son John Dunthorne. This James noted at John, jun. was an exhibitor at the Royal Academy from Colchester 1783-1792 and, incorrectly of London 1827-1832.

Royal Academy Exhibits
from Colchester, Essex
1784 313 Portrait of a Gentleman
1786 344 Portrait of a Gentleman

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