1959 - 1975

Mateusz Bronislaw Grabowski (1904-1976) was born in Vilnius, Lithuania and came to Britain in 1940 as a member of the Polish Army. At the end of the Second World War, as a pharmacist, he opened as a chemist and as a mail-order company sending medicines to Poland. In 1959 he established the Grabowski Gallery at 84 Sloane Avenue, Chelsea, London, next door to his pharmacy in South Kensington and Grabowski set out to promote the young artists of the day of any nationality whose work he felt had something to offer. He was an early champion of Pop Art exhibiting many of the forerunners of this work. When the gallery closed in 1975 Mateusz Grabowski donated his collection of works from the gallery to the Museum of Art in Łódź and the National Museum in Warsaw, Poland