1900 - c.1931

William Bell Paterson was born in Glasgow in 1852. In 1892 he opened a gallery at 33 Renfield Street, Glasgow, selling Barbizon and Hague School paintings, as well as the work of the Glasgow School. In 1900 he opened a London branch at 5 Old Bond Street, briefly as a partner with Norman Forbes, with advertisements for exhibitions at Forbes and Patersonís Gallery at 5 Old Bond Street in 'The Times' in 1900 but in 1903 the newspaper advertises W.B. Patersonís Gallery. In 1904, Paterson sold the Glasgow business and moved permanently to London. Advertisements in the Times continue to list the Paterson Gallery at 5 Old Bond Street until February 1931 but in May 1931 the gallery has moved to 22 Old Bond Street.

There was an unrelated W H Paterson Gallery at 19 Albemarle Street, London 1964-2013.