1883 - ?

The Nineteenth-Century Art Society was founded 'in order to give greater facilities for the exhibition of the works of recognised and rising artists of the English and Foreign Schools'. In 1883 Mr Edward Freeman resigned the acting secretaryship of the Society of British Architects and accepted the management of the Nineteenth Century Art Society, the exhibitions of which were held at the Conduit Street Gallery up until 1892 but in 1893 they held their exhibition at the Dudley Gallery, which seem to have been their last. Members included Robert A M Stevenson (1847-1900), Arnold Helcke (1843-1912) H Maurice Page (1845-1908), Arvid Lindstrom (1849-1923), Arthur Peppercorn (1847-1924), Edith Pradez (1836-1894) and John Bedloe Goddard.