HOARE, Reginald Slader

1918 - 1943

Reginald Slader Hoare was born at Dumfriesshire, Scotland on 20 April 1918, son of Frederick Slader Hoare, a lithographic artist, his mother was Grace Seymour Hargrave née Kitchen (5 August 1888-24 January 1977). In 1939, Reginald was a commercial artist, living at 69 Bixley Road, Ipswich. Reginald married at Ipswich in 1940, Eileen Dorothy Lillingstone, (3 July 1919-1995). A lance corporal in the Royal Army Medical Corps he was taken prisoner by the Japanese and died in Thailand on 30 September 1943, whilst working on the Burma Railway. His widow Eileen married again in 1946, James A. Jones.