1905 - 1970

Arthur Clifford Southgate, was born at 58 Roseberry Road, Ipswich on 2 June 1905, only child of Clifford Walker Southgate, a plough fitter, and his wife Annie Maria née Richardson, who married at Ipswich in 1899. Arthur studied at Ipswich Art School, under George Rushton [q.v.] and was a watercolour and landscape painter who exhibited at the Ipswich Fine Art Society from 58 Roseberry Road, Ipswich in 1927, an aquatint 'A Barn Rushmere' and a watercolour 'The Valley, Belstead', in 1933 a watercolour 'Contisbury, Devon', in 1935 two watercolours 'Summer Day' and 'Levington, Suffolk', in 1937 two watercolours 'The Road to the Pass, Glencoe' and 'An Autmn Afternoon, Tuddenham', in 1941 'Dovedale', in 1943 'Deben', in 1944 an oil 'Boats, Deben' and from the same address exhibited at Tibbenham's Gallery, Brook Street, Ipswich in 1943 his 'The Road to the Pass, Glencoe' and 'Ochill Hill', which were both exhibited at the Royal Academy, together with another 'Reflections'. In 1939, a photo lithographic artist, still living at 58 Rosebury Road, and he married at Ipswich in 1946, Gladys May Garrod and they lived at 25 Digby Road, Ipswich. He died at 25 Digby Road, Ipswich on 19 April 1970 and his wife on 3 January 1997, aged 89.