c.1890 - ?

Walker's Gallery was founded around 1890 at 118 New Bond Street, London by Augustus Joel Walker (1868-1965), art dealer, artists' colourman, frame-maker and fine art publisher. Walker was born in Wandsworth the son of a tailor he died three years short of his century in Odiham, Hampshire and his estate was valued at the 2014 equivalent of £1.3 million. Located at 118 New Bond Street, London the Gallery is known to have staged the first exhibition of the Seven and Five Society in April 1920. The Gallery, under the auspices of its proprietor, published 'Walker’s Quarterly' 1920-1932, each edition being devoted to a monograph on an individual artist or a specific aspect of art. These included David Roberts, Thomas Shotter Boys, John Sell Cotman, William Callow, Henry Holiday, John Fredrick Lewis, John Burgess, Henry Bright, Edward Morison Wimperis, Charles Bentley, Francis Nicholson, Samuel Lucas, James Holland, and others. It was in existence until the early 1960s. It has also been noted as Walker's 'Galleries'.