SMYTHE, Thomas Edward

1861 - 1881

Thomas Edward Smythe, was born at Ipswich in 1861, son of Thomas Smythe [q.v.] and his wife Jane née Pearse (1840-1919). A member of Ipswich Art Club in 1879 but he died tragically in a cycling accident in 1881 at the age of nineteen.‘The late’ when in 1881, eight of his pictures were exhibited at Ipswich Fine Art Club 'Study of a Hawk', 'The Evening Hour', two titled 'Norberry Park, Leatherhead, Surrey', 'In the Sunlight', 'The Fifth of November', 'A Study' and a watercolour 'Calm before the Storm'. His 'Fifth of November' has incorrectly been attributed to his uncle Edward Robert Smythe [q.v.]. He was unmarried.