SMYTHE, Annie Agnes

1868 - 1949

Annie Agnes Smythe, was born at Ipswich on 25 March 1868, daughter of Thomas Smythe [q.v.] and his wife Jane née Pearse, who married at Ipswich in 1860. In 1885, listed as an exhibitor at the Ipswich Fine Art Club from Commercial Road, Ipswich, but had nothing on show. She married at Ipswich in 1889, Francis [Frank] Brown [q.v.] and in 1911, a 41[sic] wife of 52 year old architect Frank Brown, living at 'Heathfield', Freehold Road, Ipswich with their seven children, Mildred Esther 20, Phyllis Mary 15, Frances Victoria 13, Vera Jermyn 12, Wilfred Jermyn 10, Gerald Frank 7 and Gwendoline Angela 4, together with 66 year old mother-in-law, Jane Smythe. In 1939, she was living at 341 Colchester Road, Ipswich with three of her daughters Phylis, Frances and Gwendoline [Hyder] and died at 341 Colchester Road, Ipswich on 30 January 1949, aged 81.