1842 - ?

The Royal Female School of Art was founded in 1842 with the aim of educating young women in the arts and allowing them to gain 'honourable and profitable employment', initially a sub-division of the Government School of Design, which was founded in 1837, the Female School opened classes for girls and young women in 1842, with the focus on providing training in design for economically disadvantaged students, including through the provision of scholarships and other support for such students. During its first two decades, the Female School assumed a more independent identity, until it became self-governing, as the Female School of Art, in 1860 at Queens's Square, London. Although it enjoyed the patronage of Queen Victoria from 1861, it did not obtain the Royal Charter until 1885. Whilst the school was later subject to a merger, its ethos is continued by the RFSA Foundation and its Trustees, who are custodians of the school’s historic funds and assets.​ The Royal Female School of Art Foundation (RFSA) is a growing charity based in central London and their support is open to all students through grants to educational and charitable organisations but do not fund individuals.

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