PALSER, Elissa

1967 - ?

Elissa Eva Palser was born in Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire in 1967, one of the two children of Alice Palser and her husband Richard C. W. Palser (born 1938), who married in 1959 and Elissa was brought up by the two artists. Her mother's studio was in their garden, Elissa used clay every day as a child and learnt lots of hand-building techniques at her mother's knee. Having watched her parents struggle financially as artists she was determined to work in the voluntary sector and study academically in London. Throughout this time, however, she continued to do her own art. Elissa moved to Suffolk in 1999 and started working alongside her mother in her Suffolk Studio, learning more about glazing and firing techniques. Alongside her ceramics she knits, makes complex patchwork quilts, and works in mosaic. Elissa's birds are each made individually by hand, starting with the basic shape in a press mould, then adding the wings, beak, and tail individually. They are bisque fired and then glazed with a white stoneware glaze, hand decorated with additional oxides and colours and fired to stoneware. She now [2020] lives in Wales.

Works by This Artist