GARNHAM, Emma Louise

1988 - ?

Emma Louise Garnham found a passion for the medium of glass at college and went on to complete a B.A. (hons) degree at University of Sunderland in Glass & Ceramics, where she learnt a variety of different techniques. After graduation, she returned to Suffolk to continue the practice and specialise in fused glass and in 2016 founded Garnham Glass a creative business that provides a diverse range of fused glass artwork and bespoke glass products, all designed and handmade by Emma. Emma Louise designs and creates a variety of glass artworks, sculptures, and framed works as well as homewares and jewellery using several fused glass techniques. She specialises in a French glass technique called pāte de verre, a process using moulds and fine glass powder and frits to create fragile and delicate artworks and sculptures. Each of her art pieces are all handcrafted and unique in their own way, inspired by the natural world around, focusing on colours, patterns, and textures. A member of Suffolk Open Studios from Ipswich.

Emma Louise Williams/Lea

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