MESSEL, Victoria

1938 - 2021

As Victoria Mary Linley Messel, she was born at Westminster, London on 10 July 1938, daughter of Linley Francis Messel (31 August 1899-7 April 1971) and his wife Agatha Anne née Alexander (27 December 1912-23 March 2010), who married at St Mark, North Audley Street, London on 11 October 1932 and divorced in 1945. Victoria married at Westminster, London on 16 October 1963, Timothy James Allison (1930-9 February 1984), a member of H M Consular Service, son of G M Allison. Victoria was a botanical artist particularly for Nymans garden in West Sussex and Birr in Co Offaly, Ireland and she exhibited at the Royal Academy. Victoria Mary Allison died on 19 September 2021, aged 83.

Royal Academy Exhibits
from Stayer House, Eye, Suffolk
1960 746 Castle Street, Eye
1965 800 Castle Street, Eye, Suffolk
         802 Aldeburgh in the Snow

Works by This Artist