LANGHAM, Maurice

1922 - 1992

As Maurice Lozowick, he was born on 2 December 1922, son of Nathan Lozowich (5 May 1888-1974), a cloth dealer, and his wife Yetta née Glickman (5 May 1890-1969) who married at Mile End Old Town, London in 1913. In 1939 Maurice was a commercial artist living at Thornby Road, Lower Clapton, Hackney, London with his parents and a sibling sister Golda (13 May 1918-1995). He married at Hackney in 1944 Vivienne Marcus (18 July 1923-29 June 2004) and changed his name to Langham. As Maurice Langham he exhibited at the Royal Academy in 1982. Maurice Langham died at The Gables, 63 Angel Street, Hadleigh, Suffolk on 3 March 1992.

Royal Academy Exhibits
from The Gables, Angel Street, Hadleigh, Suffolk
1982 188 A Street in Jerusalem watercolour