1976 - ?

Marta Smith-Dyer

As Marta Z. Ostas, she was born in July 1976 and grew up in Lublin in Poland where she attended an art club in the old town which has been an inspiration for her. Marta married at Manchester in 2003 Fergus John Alexander Dyer-Smith and now works as Marta Smith-Dyer. Marta has had a diverse career studying science as well as working as a web developer. Art had been a hobby but has now become more professional and she spends many hours painting and searching for colour, composition, and interesting techniques. Marta worked in several different media but is now mainly printmaking using intaglio techniques and is a member of the Colchester Art Society and she has lived in Portugal where she exhibited in many venues but now resides at Hartest, near Bury St Edmund's in Suffolk from where she exhibits and is available for commissions.
Website: https://www.martadyersmithart.com

Works by This Artist