1863 - 1940

Rose Ransome, was born at Foundry Road, Ipswich on 21 July 1863 and baptised at Holy Trinity, Ipswich on 20 October 1864, daughter of Robert James Ransome, founder of engineers Ransomes, and his wife Charlotte Louisa née Taylor, who married at Ipswich in 1854, and a sister to Frank Ransome [q.v.] and Louisa Ransome [q.v.]. Educated at a private school at 25 Sussex Square, Brighton where she was boarding in 1881. A member of the Ipswich Fine Art Club 1886-1887 and as Miss R. Ransome exhibiting from Stoke Hall, Ipswich in 1885, 'Mere at Thorpe' and 'Spring, Summer and Autumn', in 1885 'An October Afternoon', in 1886 'Old Cottage at Chaddinton' and 'Sizewell Cliff' and in 1887 'A Gleam of Sunshine'. She married at Ipswich in 1887, Norman Child Graham [q.v.] who in 1891 was a 31 year old tea dealer living with his 26 year old wife at Rose Mount, Queen's Road, Brentwood, Essex and by 1911 he had taken up in his wife's family business as an engineering manufacturer living at Brook Witney, Hambledon, Surrey. In 1939, Rose was an invalid, living at Priors Wood, Compton, Guildford, Surrey, with a secretary, nurse, cook and housemaid and where she died, without issue, on 20 October 1940.

Note - some of her exhibits at Ipswich Art Club may be conflated with other Ransome sisters as earlier exhibits are given just as by Miss Ransome of Stoke Hall, Ipswich.