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West Suffolk Arts Centre CIC (WSAC) was founded in 2004 by artist, writer and historian Leigh Driver, as a loose collective of practicing visual and literary artists committed to sharing their ideas and expertise. The organisation is led by a dedicated team of volunteer directors with the recovery and harnessing of creativity at the heart of everything. Operating as creative producers, cultural project curators and as a peripatetic art school, including online courses, WSAC is committed to developing new ways to promote engagement with the arts for all. Specialists in developing bespoke learning experiences, along with a proven track record in working alongside communities to co-create and successfully deliver multi-layered arts projects. The organization had also developed a programme of technology enhanced learning opportunities in the arts and successfully piloted an online drawing course and since its inception, West Suffolk Arts Centre has successfully guided a number of young people working to achieve Trinity Guildhall Arts Awards at Bronze, Silver and Gold levels. Website http://westsuffolkartscentre.com