1961 - ?

Alan Latter

Colin Alan Latter was born in Islington, London in April 1961, son of Alan Thomas Latter (25 July 1932-15 May 1965), a printer compositor and amateur artist, and his wife Eileen née Roberts who married at Islington in 1958. Alan works in a mix of old and vintage oil paints, some from the 1960s, some inherited from his father who painted in the 1950s and his inspiration has come from the works of Charleston artists Duncan Grant (1885-1976) and Vanessa Bell (1869-1961) and French Fauvist painters Henri Matisse (1869-1954) and Jean Puy (1876-1960). Alan's paintings are as much about the subject as the decorative objects that can be found in the background, often discretely featuring blue, white, and red as a reference to occupied France when displays of the Tricolor were forbidden as a symbol of Resistance. Young Alan lived and painted in the Charente and the Dordogne in Southwest France but is now based in Eye, Suffolk with his wife Sylvia Anne Latter. A member of Suffolk Open Studios and has exhibited worldwide including locally at Carousel Gallery, Framlingham, Suffolk, and his paintings have been sold in England, France, Italy, New York, California, Chicago, North Carolina, Arizona and Canada.

Works by This Artist