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June BURROWS of Stanton, a pupil of West Suffolk Grammar School won 2 bronze stars in the 15-year-old section at the Royal Drawing Society Exhibition held at the Guildhall, London in 1952.

Queenie Alice DEARSLEY from the Bury Free Press 13 June 1931 - 'What I most desire is to become an artist. Most of my spare time is taken up in painting or sketching pictures...' In 1939 living at Raynes Yard, Lidgate, Newmarket, Suffolk. Born at Lidgate on 12 June 1915 and died in 1974, unmarried.

Robert GARNHAM has always lived in Suffolk. After leaving school to study graphic design in Ipswich, distractions of early career building forced me to shelve the practice of fine art but I never lost the appreciation for it. I was very privileged to be part of a varied group of graphic design and illustration students at the Ipswich High Street Art School, some I still see many years later. Being with that creative group revealed how enjoyable the creative process can be. As my career progressed, the introduction of the Apple Computer into the printing industry held my attention, I grew with it. From early basic versions of software to the sophisticated Creative Cloud Industry Standard product we have now, I explored its limits with fascination only to finally tire of it. Iíve found that particular creative process to be a skill, but not a craft. It no longer holds the reward for me. So now as I approach the end of my career, those shelved quiet voices of appreciation that gently whispered, are still too loud and intrusive to ignore. Thankfully they never abandoned me.

Brenda M. GREEN is a Fellow Member of the Society of Botanic Artists and has been so for several years, exhibiting at their annual Exhibitions at Methodist Central Hall Westminster and lately at The Mall Gallery.
 She learned her coloured pencil techniques solely with Ann Swan, who opened a new window to Brendaís life when Brenda enrolled in her class at Dedham Hall, as Brenda was also a potter and was a primary school teacher for twenty-four years before she met Ann. Brenda also exhibits at various venues locally, mainly art societies, agricultural shows and fund- raising events. https://www.ipswich-arts.org.uk/

Barbara SINCLAIR of York Road, Bury St Edmund's, a pupil of West Suffolk Grammar School won the book prize in the 13-year-old section at the Royal Drawing Society Exhibition held at the Guildhall, London in 1952.