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Not noted - 1884 Pass Certificates in the Art Division
Aldis, Albert E. - freehand drawing and model drawing
Allenby, Nellie + freehand drawing
Archer, Amelia
Armstrong, Fanny - freehand drawing
Ashwin, Elsie B. - freehand drawing
Beaumont, Alice M. - freehand drawing
Bennett, Arthur P. - freehand drawing
Benneworth, James G. - freehand drawing
Bingham, George C. - excellent and prize
Blackie, Lillian - 2nd prize freehand drawing 'Pictures by Italian Masters' and model drawing
Chandler, Redelpha - freehand drawing
Chattin, Edwin W. - freehand drawing - excellent and prize
Christie, Alice M. - freehand drawing
Churcher, Ellen - freehand drawing
Churcher, Margaret M. - freehand drawing
Cobbold, Margaret M.
Cook, Frederick W.
Dobson, Alfred T. - linear perspective, excellent and prize
Eade, Paul G. - freehand drawing
Emery, Annie G. - freehand drawing, excellent and a prize
Faulkner, Ada - freehand drawing
Ferrand, Alice - freehand drawing
Fisher, Henry G. - freehand drawing, excellent and prize
Fisk, Mary E. - freehand drawing
Fraser, Sarah - 3rd prize in Freehand drawing for 'Sketching from Nature'
Freeman, Emma E.
Frost, Lillie J. - freehand drawing
Girling, Jessie - freehand drawing
Godbold, Arthur H. - freehand drawing
Green, Lillie - freehand drawing
Haggar, Edith - freehand drawing
Harrison, Francis A. - linear perspective
Hayward, Mary E. - freehand drawing
Hunnibell, Barrington - excellent and prize
Hunnibell, Kate - freehand drawing
Jackson, Ernest J. - freehand drawing
Mayhew, Anna E. - freehand drawing
Mayhew, George M.
Miller, Edwin - freehand drawing, excellent and prize
Nibloe, Kathleen - linear perspective
Norman, Houchin - linear perspective, excellent and prize
Nurse, Henry R.
Pegg, Henry N. - linear perspective
Pegg, Julia E. - freehand drawing, in Flowers & Still Life for 'Pictures by Clarkson Stanfield'
Richmond, Lilian - freehand drawing
Ridley, Elizabeth - art geometry
Ridley, Lilian C.
Roofe, Rosina H. - freehand drawing
Saunders, Sophia L. + geometry
Sherwood, Sarah J. - freehand drawing
Smith, Edward
Smith, William - 1st prize for a 'Bust in Chalk or Monochrome' and for 'Sketching from Nature' and for linear perspective and geometry
Southgate, Constance M. - art geometry
Stewart, Charles E. - linear perspective
Taylor, Ellen A. - freehand drawing
Taylor, Mary K. - 1st prize in'Studies in the Antique'
Vidal, Gwynnodd L. C. - freehand drawing
Vidal, Maude C.
Vulliamy, Janet A. - freehand drawing
Welldon, Gertrude - freehand drawing

Not noted - 1886 Pass Certificates in the Art Division
Ellen E. Adams - model drawing
Percy Webster Adams - elementary architecture & shading from model (prize)
this maybe an error for Harry Percy Adams
E. Andrews - practical geometry
Edith Lucy Austin - perspective
Elizabeth Barrett - practical geometry
W. T. Botwood - freehand
Frederick Geoge Bovill - practical geometry
Emily Bray - freehand & model drawing
Elizabeth M. Bulmer - freehand
Baron Cawdell - freehand
Todd Cawdell - freehand & model drawing
Bessie Churcher - freehand (prize)
Emily A. Claydon - perspective (prize)
Edith G. Cooper - freehand
James M. Cracknell - practical geometry
Alice Elizabeth Creasey - model drawing
Ada Louisa Cullingham - model drawing
Paul Goodwin Eade - practical geometry
George Evers - practical geometry
Marion Everett - perspective (prize)
[Ida?] Maud N. Everett - freehand
William Franks - freehand
Ruby C. Garrett - freehand
Henry Morton Girling - practical geometry
Mildred M. Gostling - freehand
Francis M. Gough - freehand (prize) & model drawing
Charles A. Green - practical geometry
Henry E. Griss - freehand (prize) & model drawing
Beatrice Alice Gwynne-Evans - model drawing
William H. Hailey - freehand
George E. Hamby - freehand
George Wenn Harlock - practical geometry (prize) & perspective (prize)
Nellie Harvey - freehand
Philip Haste - model drawing
Henry A. Hellyer - practical geometry & perspective (prize)
Florence E. Hicks - model drawing
Frederick E. Hubert - freehand
Kate Hunnibel - perspective
Lucy J. Jolly - freehand & model drawing
Nelly L. Keer - perspective (prize)
Charles Leggett - freehand
Edith M. N. Martin - freehand
Helen Alice/Alice Helen Maw - freehand & perspective (prize)
Florence L. Merry - freehand
Edith May Miller - freehand & model drawing
Edith M. Mingay - model drawing
Mary B. Minns - model drawing
Joseph Oliver - practical geometry
William P. Paddock - perspective
Henry Parker - practical geometry
Frances E. Porter - freehand & model drawing
Mildred Ransome - model drawing
John T. Read - freehand
Adelaide R. Roberts - practical geometry & perspectiver
Stephen George Sage - freehand
George W. Senton - practical geometry
Harry Charles Sharman - perspective (prize)
Arthur Sparkes - freehand
Edith E. Taylor - freehand
Rose Underwood - freehand
Kate Watkins - freehand
Alice Annie Waters - practical geometry & perspective
Mary B. Watkins - freehand
Walter Westrip - model drawing (prize)
Ada White - perspective (prize) & model drawing (prize)
Herbert W. Wilson - practical geometry
Alfred E. Wood - freehand
Miriam A. Wright - practical geometry