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Lavenham Art Society was established in Lavenham, Suffolk in 2007, and has over 70 members living and working in and around the town and welcomes all who are interested in art, beginners, and experienced artists, amateur or professional. New members are always welcomed; any age, any level of artistic experience, practising artists and those interested in the arts. There is no geographic limit on membership, and we have members living as far as 50 miles away from Lavenham. Their website aims to keep members up to date with programmes, workshops, exhibitions and to share examples of work giving the work of the member artists to a wider public.

Members [2022] which information is needed
Jenny Browne
June Douglas
John Everrett
Sandra Naish
Julie Rix
Philip Robson
David Rowe
Jacqui Scott-Burgin
Richard Thomas
Di Williamson