LOWE, Roger

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Roger Lowe

John Roger Lowe, joined the staff of the Ipswich School of Art, then in High Street, Ipswich and in 1984, succeeded Derek Benney [q.v.], as principal of the school, then in the Rope Walk, Ipswich. This was an unusual appointment for an already serving applicant to be offered a headship but Lowe had spearheaded the School of Art's return to art education at a Higher level. He had Andrew Dodds [q.v.], as his unofficial deputy, and together launched a number of new courses at several levels from a one-year entry level course at High Street, a one-year foundation course leading to the two-year pre-degree course. Roger retired from the School in January 2000 when he was able to pursue his keen interest in sailing and developed his artistic approach as a figurative stone carver. In 2015 he was living at 58 High Street, Ipswich.

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