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The Ipswich School of Art was founded in 1859. It trained local artists such as Frederick George Cotman, William Symonds, Walter Batley, Arthur Southgate and Leonard Squirrell among others with Leonard Squirrell also becoming a teacher at the School and Colin Moss became the Senior Lecturer in Painting in 1947. It was still being run by the Colchester & Ipswich Museums in 2018 and works of many modern and contemporary artists of both regional and national significance, have entered the Ipswich Collection by gift, bequest or purchase. Amongst these are paintings by Cedric Morris (1889-1982) and Arthur Lett Haines (1894-1978) who founded and ran the East Anglian School of Painting and Drawing firstly at Dedham, then Benton End, near Hadleigh, Suffolk and there are also several paintings by members of their circle, including Lucy Harwood (1893-1972), Joan Warburton (1920-1996) and Glyn Morgan (1926-2015). The collection also includes work by Amy Katherine Browning (1882-1970), Cecil Lay (1885-1956), Mary Potter (1900-1981), Russell Sidney Reeve (1895-1970), Peter Campbell (1931-1989), Roderick Barrett (1920-2000), Cor Visser (1903-1982), Valerie Thornton (1931-1991), Adrian Ryan (1920-1988), Bernard Reynolds (1915-1997), Lawrence Self (1926-2015), John Addyman (1929-2006), Colin Moss (1914-2005), Maggi Hambling (born 1945), Constance Stubbs (1927-2015), Margaret Mellis (1914-2009), Jeffery Camp (born 1923) and Robin Warnes (born 1952), amongst many others.