HUGHES, Frederick Western

1868 - 1897

Frederick Western Hughes was born at Sheppey, Kent in 1868, son of Thomas William Hughes (17 September 1833-16 February 1895), a naval surgeon who died at Ipswich, and his wife Eleanor née Hutton. In 1881, a 12-year-old, living at Hill House Lodge, Woodbridge Road, Ipswich with his parents 47 year old Thomas, a retired naval surgeon, who was born at Letheringham, Suffolk and 53 year old Eleanor, who was born at Cape Colony (South) Africa and in 1891 they were still at Woodbridge Road, Ipswich. Frederick was then involved in the Sudan War and had reputably gone to Cuba as an artist, despite being told that there would be no market for his work. He was reported as being robbed by Spaniards of his cash and passport and the British Consul refused him help and he died of starvation. His death is reported in the 'Ipswich Journal' and other newspapers 'Ipswich artist and occasional correspondent on the 'Black & White' in Havana, Cuba on 17 November 1897.