1954 - ?

Wendy Puerto

As Wendy D. Williams, she was born and raised in Battersea South West London in 1954. She married at Redbridge, Essex in 1973, Antonio [Tony] J. Puerto and works under the name of Wendy Puerto. About 2012, Wendy and her husband and two sons came from Chelmsford to live at Felixstowe, Suffolk. She has painted for most of her life and now is inspired by the space and the scenery for my art and everyday finds something that will give me ideas to get on and paint. Colour, movement and light inspire her as she paints from the heart and from memories of beautiful places that she has seen but not always sticking to the rules using methods of her own. Wendy has exhibited work in London Paris Madrid and Barcelona and now exhibits at 'Art on the Prom' and Felixstowe. Wendy would also paint exactly what you are looking for to commission your own painting. www.wendy-puerto.co.uk

Works by This Artist