MASKELL, Christopher Mark

1849 - 1933

Mark Maskell was born at Brightlingsea, Essex on 4 January 1849, son of Isaac Maskell (1809-1895), a mariner, and his wife Elizabeth née Holden, who married at Brightlingsea on 25 January 1836. His birth name is registered as Mark but when he became an artist added the extra name of Christopher. In 1851, Mark was a 2-year-old, living at Providence Place, High Street, Brightlingsea with his 38-year-old mother Elizabeth, a mariner’s wife, and siblings Elizabeth 15, Isaac 13, Emmanuel 9, George 7, Joseph 6 and Abraham 4. In 1861, 12-year-old Mark was described as a ‘mariner’ then living at Spring Road, Brightlingsea with his elder brother Joseph and their mother Elizabeth, who had had two further children, Jacob 9 and Emma 3, all the children were born at Brightlingsea. In 1871, a ‘house painter’, boarding at 8 Gibson Place, Marylebone, London, the home of 45-year-old widow, Mary Spicer, a nurse. As Christopher Mark Maskell, he married at Kensington, London in 1875, Emma Kennedy (1850-1924) and for a brief time they went to live at Wivenhoe, Essex before coming to Ipswich, where he was reputably a pupil of John Moore. In 1881, an artist, living at 2 Taverner’s Buildings, 14 St Helens Street, Ipswich with his 41-year-old wife Emma, who was born at Paddington, London and two children, Arthur Edwin 5, born at Wivenhoe, Essex, and Eugenie Helen 4, born at Ipswich and he kept a studio at 40 St Nicholas Street, Ipswich. A regular exhibitor at Ipswich Fine Art Club, exhibiting as C. M. Maskell from 40 St Nicholas Street in 1881, two oil portraits, his next exhibits in 1883 were from 15 St Matthews Street, Ipswich when he had another portrait on show. In 1891, as Christopher Mark Maskell, a portrait painter & picture restorer, living at 29 Elliott Street, Ipswich with his wife and two children and by 1901, as Mark Maskell, had moved to 4 Newton Street, Ipswich as an artist & picture restorer. Christopher Mark Maskell, died at 4 Newton Street, Ipswich in early 1933. Although not a member, his oil 'Landscape with Sheep, Figures and Windmill' was exhibited at the 1974 centenary exhibition of the Ipswich Art Club.

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