LECKENBY, Vera Eileen

1915 - 1976

As Vera Eileen Marriott, she was born at Ipswich on 22 April 1915, daughter of Jack W. Marriott and his wife Edith Violet née Davey (1894-1978), who married at Ipswich in 1915, and in 1939 were living at 20 Jefferies Road, Ipswich. Vera married at Ipswich in 1939, William Edwin Leckenby (born Blything 14 May 1906-1956), a window dresser & scenery artist. In 1939 Vera was a poster & showcase artist, living at 32 Sherborne Avenue, Ipswich with her husband. She died at 37 Westbury Road, Ipswich on 7 January 1976