DAKING, William

1808 - c.1860

William Daking, was born at Bocking, Essex in 1808 and in the 1841 census a c.30 year old artist, living at Church Street, Bocking with several other members of his family, Robert c.40, John c.35, both tanners, Elizabeth c.45, Mary c.40 and Sarah c.40, with two indoor servants but on 13 June 1846, the family vested their estates in their creditors ‘that debts have been incurred on account of Daking and Co. and on the debtor's private accounts; (b) agreement of Rob. Daking, John Mary Daking and William Daking to convey all real and personal estate in trust to George Pool and Hen. Harding; (c) conveyance by Robert Daking, John Daking, Mary Daking and Wm. Daking to George Pool and Hen. Harding of all freehold and copyhold property subject to mortgage securities and an annuity, in trust for sale, the proceeds to be subject to uses as declared by the conveyors’ (Essex Record Office D/DQ 84/226). William exhibited at the Royal Academy in 1831 and in 1851, William was a 43-year-old unmarried artist, living at Upper North Place, St Pancras, London with his 47-year-old brother John, a clerk to a carrier. He is probably the William Daking who died at St Giles, London in 1860, as after which time he disappears.

Royal Academy Exhibits
from 3 East Street, Red Lion Square, London
1831 35 Portrait of a Lady

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