1947 - ?

Anita Cameron

As Joanita-Lynne Cameron, she was born at Southwark, London in 1947 and works under the name of Anita. She studied film and art and taught art in London and Somerset. Although the direction of her career changed, Anita maintained her interest in art as a painter, and more recently as a printmaker. Anita is interested in anything thatís in front of her, the gentle Alde Valley where she lives, layers of peeling paint on an old barn door or rusty machinery abandoned in a field. Whether in painting or printmaking she tries different techniques and is endlessly experimenting. Anita is Chair of Sudbourne Park Printmakers in Suffolk and where she regularly shows her work and has had solo exhibitions. She and her husband Bruce Jefferson, live at Ash Cottage, Low Street, Benhall, Saxmundham, Suffolk.

Works by This Artist