WELFARE, Sir Piers

1742 - 1784

I have found nothing further on this artist other than the information in 'The Dictionary of British Watercolour Artist up to 1920' (Woodbridge 1976).

Sir Piers Welfare - Born in Ipswich in 1742 [not found]. An amateur topographical painter and a writer of controversial pamphlets. Educated at Harrow and Magdalen College, Oxford [not noted in 'Alumni'] and, whilst on a 'Grand Tour', in Paris in 1763 made the acquaintance of David Garrick (1717-1779). He was one of those who pressed Garrick to return to the stage in 1763. He inherited a small property in Yorkshire and spent most of his life there, drawing local subjects and producing scientific squibs under the name 'Anti-Linnaeus'. These aroused much interest at the time, but his theories were soon exploded by more professional scientists. He was drowned when his boat overturned near Abingdon [Thames 1784]. His drawings are weakly in the manner of William Taverner (1703-1772), with muted colours and little use of outline.