LING, Heather

1944 - ?

Heather Ling was born in the Hartismere district of Suffolk in 1944, daughter of George Frederick Ling (1916-2006) and his wife Olive Enid née Scotchmer (1921-9 April 2019), who married at Old Newton, Suffolk in 1943. Heather studied at Ipswich School of Art 1959-1965, and she exhibited at the Ipswich Art Club from Lungeli Cottage, Stowmarket Road, Old Newton, Suffolk in 1977, a still life 'Three Lemons in a Basket'. She married in the Gipping & Hartismere district of Suffolk in 1987, Michael E. Staff and exhibited, still under her maiden name, in 1990 from 63 Christchurch Street, Ipswich 'Lloyds Avenue, Ipswich' she was also included in an art exhibition at the former Haste Gallery in Great Colman Street, Ipswich 'Moss's Stones Roll On'. An active teacher on furniture design and illustration.

Works by This Artist