AITKEN, Pauline

1943 - ?

Pauline J. Aitken, was born at Bedford in 1943, daughter of Richard Alec Aitken (1914-2003) and his wife Doria H. née Chessum, who married at Biggleswade, Bedfordshire in 1939. Pauline studied at the Slade School of Fine Art in London 1961-1966. As a young artist her work was first recognized at the British International Print Biennale in 1968, and continued winning awards through the years and has more recently received the Arts Business and Empoyees’ and the Arts, Business and the Smaller Budget awards. Her work is mainly two-dimensional and ‘is concerned with the exploration of the process of change and of states of change, through the investigation of botanical and zoological forms, where structure is constantly transforming.’ Pauline Aitken has had several gallery and museum exhibitions, including a solo show at the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh. She currently lives at Eye on the Suffolk/Norfolk border.

Works by This Artist