MOLLER, Johannes Ludwig Heinrich

1813 - 1885

Johannes Moller

Johannes Ludwig Heinrich Möller was born Falkenhagen (Rischenau), Lippe, Germany on 22 May 1813 and baptised at Evangelisch, Fakenhagen, Lippe on 27 May 1813, son of Christoph Mueller and his wife Anna Maria née Niemann. Möller went to Copenhagen in 1836 where he studied at the Academy from 1836 until 1840 also studying under Paul Delaroche (1797-1856) in Paris in 1840. Royal Miniature Painter to Christian VIII of Denmark in 1843 and a naturalised Danish subject in 1844. He married at Vor Frue, Aalborg, Aalborg, Denmark on 29 July 1841, Elina Sophia Schoü (c1814-1870) and their daughter Elina Dorothea Caroline Petrea Møller was born in Copenhagen on 3 July 1846. He travelled extensively in search of commissions including Sweden between 1838 and 1850, Paris between 1840 and 1845, London 1851 and 1861 and Russia in 1861. He painted miniature portraits of monarchs and various important people and exhibited at the Royal Academy also showing at the Paris Salon 1843-1847 and achieved the status of member of the Copenhagen and St Petersburg academies. He was also known as J. (Chevalier) Möller; Johannes (Chevalier) Möller; Johannes Heinrich Ludwig Möller; Johannes Ludw. Heinr. Möller; Johan Ludwig Heinrich Møller and Johannes Møller. Towards the end of his life, he settled in England and is not strictly a Suffolk painter but in 1881, was a widower 'artist painter', boarding at 84 Guildhall Street, Bury St Edmund's, the home of Harriet Edith Payne and was giving Edith art instruction. Johannes Ludwig Heinrich Möller died at 21 Warrior Gardens, St Leonards-on-Sea, Hastings on 30 October 1885, aged 67, and his daughter Mathilda Elizabeth [Allen] (c1852-5 May 1910), was his executor.

Royal Academy Exhibits
from 34 Leicester Square, London
1847 554 Portrait of a Lady
from 43 Manchester Street, Manchester Square
1851 955 Portrait of a Gentleman - miniature
         989 Portrait of his late Majesty, Christian VIII, King of Denmark - miniature
         990 His Excellency the Count Reventlow, Danish Ambassador, &c., &c. - miniature
         1050 Portrait of a Lady - miniature
         1108 Portrait of a Lady - miniature
1852 795 Portrait of a Gentleman - miniature
         887 Portrait of a young Mother and Child - miniature
1854 677 Miss Atkinson - miniature
         828 Thomas J. Blake, Esq. - miniature
from 8 Shaftesbury Villas, Hornsey Rise
1870 698 Professor Schmid - miniature
from 142 New Bond Street
1872 1368 C. M. Palmer, Esq. - miniature
1873 1363 Mr Johannes Moller - miniature
         1381 Mrs. E. de Rothschild - miniature

Works by This Artist