HENLY, Annie

1857 - ?

Annie Henly, was baptised at Calne, Wiltshire on 18 February 1857, one of the eight children of Thomas Large Henly (16 January 1826-1912), managing director of the Flax Growers' Association and Mayor of Calne in 1856, and his wife Catherine née Baily, who married at Calne in 1847. Thomas was declared bankrupt in 1867, when he was a flax scutcher & wine merchant and a former paper-maker, during which time he had travelled to South America. In 1881, Annie was a 24 year old living, at Clifton Wood, Barton Regis, Gloucestershire with her 58 year old mother Catherine, and siblings, Maude 26 and Marion 20, and other members of Catherine's Baily family. In 1891, a 34 year old artist in painting, living at Alpha Villas, Withersfield Road, Haverhill, Suffolk with her 65 year old father Thomas. Her mother Catherine died at Belleville, New Jersey, USA in 1902 and her father Thomas died at Fulham, London in 1912.