PEEK, Arthur George

1911 - 1976

Born in Lowestoft, Suffolk on 30 April 1911. He married at Lowestoft in 1937 Ada Jane Corbyn (7 March 1917-1987). In 1939 a 'fisherman & weekly painter' living at 12 Milton Road, Lowestoft with his wife Ada and his mother-in-law Emma J. Corbyn (4 January 1884-1961). The fishing industry was in decline along the stretch of the Norfolk and Suffolk coast by the time of the Second World War. Tourists were taking over, moving in to enjoy the air, the newly built promenades, the frequent train connections with London. They took photographs of the fishermen lolling against their boats: high Cossack hats, tight Guernsey sweaters, heavy thigh boots with metal cleats. But, like many others, with not enough money to live they indulged in painting boats and their surrounding, selling them to eke out their weekly wages and Peek was both a fisherman and painter. He died in the Waveney district of Suffolk in 1976.