1793 - 1869

Harriet Sheriffe, was born at Uggeshall, Suffolk on 25 June 1793, daughter of Revd Thomas Sheriffe (1759-1842), rector of Uggeshall, and his first wife Charlotte Affleck (1759-1798), daughter of Revd Gilbert Affleck, rector of Dalham, near Newmarket, Suffolk, who married at St Mary the Wall, Colchester, Essex on 19 September 1787. Harriet's mother was buried on 7 November 1798 and on 11 March 1809 her father married again, Sarah Bennett. Harriet lived at Uggeshall until the death of her father in 1842 when, together with her step-mother, they moved to Southwold, Suffolk where Harriet played a prominent part in Southwold society. As Miss Sheriff of Southwold, an art pupil of Henry Bright [q.v.] sometime between 1836-1856. She inherited most of wealthy father's estate and on the death of her stepmother in 1849 was also her major beneficiary. In 1851, a 58 year old 'landed proprietor', living at South Green, Southwold with ten indoor servants including a butler and a coachman. Harriet died at Centre Cliff Lodge, Southwold on 13 December 1869 and buried at Uggeshall on 20 December. Her will left an amount of around 30,000.