AYRTON, William

1861 - 1916

William Ayrton was born at Liverpool Road, St Oswald, Chester in 1861, son of William Francis Ayrton, a wine merchant, and his wife Pauline Auguste Johanna née Flertchmann or Fluschmann, an English naturalised Bavarian, who married at Ratisborn, Germany on 1 March 1859. In 1871, William was a 9-year-old, living at St Oswald, Chester with his parents, 63-year-old William and 37-year-old Pauline, with siblings Anne 13, Alfred 5 and Randle 1, all born in Cheshire, with a maiden aunt, 41-year-old Louise Flertchmann. Young William studied in London and in 1881, together with his 46-year-old mother Pauline, as a visitor, a 19-year-old articled designer in art, lodging at 191 Cromwell Road, Kensington. William married at Lisburn Ireland in 1888, Ellen Graeme Brown and they moved to The Cliff, 24 Ballygate Street, Beccles, Suffolk. In 1901, still living in Beccles, a 39-year-old landscape artist, with his 40-year-old wife Ellen Graeme, born in Ireland and two children, Eileen Frances 2 and William Francis 1, both born at Beccles and where they were still living in 1911. He exhibited at the Royal Academy from 1894 also showing at the Suffolk Art and Aid Association at Halesworth, Suffolk in 1912. William Ayrton died at College Green, Belfast, Northern Ireland in 1916, aged 54, probate being granted on 23 July 1916, to Ellen Graeme Ayrton who died on 21 January 1955.

Royal Academy Exhibits
from The Cliff, Beccles, Suffolk
1894 More Rain Coming
1898 425 The Glow of Eventide
         580 Poppies
1904 491 Marsh Marigolds

Works by This Artist