CRABTREE, Elizabeth

c.1801 - 1875

Elizabeth Crabtree was born at Halesworth, Suffolk around 1801, daughter of Richard Crabtree and his wife Margaret. In 1851, a 50-year-old spinster, living at Thoroughfare, Halesworth, the home of her brother John (18 June 1805-30 June 1870), a solicitor, and his namesake wife Mary née Crabtree (1806-1856). An artist pupil of Henry Bright sometime between 1836-1856. Elizabeth continued living with her brother John, until his death in 1870 when she moved to Bungay Road, Halesworth, where she died on 13 August 1875 and buried in Halesworth Cemetery on 17 August 1875, aged 74, she was unmarried.