1863 - 1948

Mary Isabel Jervis-White-Jervis was born at Felixstowe, Suffolk on 11 September 1863, daughter of Henry Jervis-White-Jervis (March 1825-22 September 1881), a colonel in the Royal Artillery and MP for Harwich, Essex, and his wife Lucy Cobbold (18 October 1828-22 February 1916), daughter of John Chevalier Cobbold (1797-1882), MP for Ipswich, who married at Ipswich on 14 June 1855, Mary was a sister to Herbert Jervis-White-Jervis. In 1881, the year that her father died, they were living at Cliff House, Cobbold Road, Felixstowe, Suffolk. A landscape painter and a member of the Ipswich Fine Art Club 1903-1948 and exhibited from Cliff House, Felixstowe in 1902 'A Quiet Corner in Taormina' and 'Prickly Pear', in 1906 five watercolours 'Low Water, Felixstowe Ferry', 'Old Pond-Walton', 'The Harbour, Cannes', 'The Aro from Casino Gardens' and 'Drying Sails, Cannes', in 1908 three watercolours 'A Street, Venice', 'Fort at Antibes' and 'A Street, Corfe Castle', in 1910 ‘Felixstowe Cliffs’, ‘After Sunset, Hollesley Heath’ and ‘A Venetian Bridge’. She exhibited a watercolour at the Suffolk Art and Aid Association at the Athenaeum, Bury St Edmund's in October 1908. In 1920, Mary Isabel was living at Greylands, Melton, Woodbridge, Suffolk, exhibiting in 1923 three watercolours 'Where the Sun Sets, Luxor', 'The Church of the Gesuati, Venice' and 'On Hollesley Heath', in 1924 'The Cornfield', in 1925 four watercolours 'From the Third Pyramid', 'Where the Snipe Nests', 'Bromeswell Heath' and 'Roses and the Nile', in 1927 three watercolours 'Sheringham after Rain', 'Sunrise near Capernaum' and 'Kasv I Nil Bridge, Cairo', in 1935 four watercolours 'Hollesley Heath', 'The Deben at Sunset', 'Summer Clouds, Alderton' and 'La France, Roses' and was a regular annual exhibitor showing at least 45 works between 1902 and 1947 when she last exhibited four watercolours, still from Melton 'Wind and Blown Shocks of Corn', 'Gorse on Hollesley Heath', 'A Corner of Venice' and 'The Gondola's Harbour'. Her subjects being mostly local landscapes with some Italian views, she also exhibited at the Society of Women Artists 1903-1904 from Cliff House, Felixstowe. In 1939, Mary Isabel Jervis-White-Jervis was living at Greylands, Melton, Woodbridge, where she died on 24 November 1948, aged 85 and buried in Melton Churchyard, she was unmarried.