GARRETT, Ethelinda Beatrice

1892 - 1971

As Ethelind[a] Beatrice Wilson, she was born at Sydney, New South Wales, Australia on 9 May 1892. She was probably the daughter of Ethinda Bones/Bonus (1866-1928), who was the daughter of Kate Foster Wilson. Ethelinda had come to England by 1901, when an 8 year old living at Pewitt Hill, Mill Lane, Felixstowe-cum-Walton, the home of 33 year old spinster Ethelinda Bones/Bonus and they also had living there, 77 year old widow Kate Foster Wilson (1824-1912), who was born 'at sea'. In 1911, an 18 year old art student, still at the same address and she married at Walton-cum-Felixstowe in 1916, Horace John Garrett (1886-1983), a car sales manager. As Mrs B. Garrett, she exhibited at the Ipswich Fine Art Club from 43 Henley Road, Ipswich in 1927, three pictures, a pastel 'Portrait of a Child' and watercolours 'Eve, 1827' and 'Eve 1927'. In 1939, a shop owner living at 237 Colchester Road, Ipswich with her husband Horace, who was born on 14 December 1886 and died at Ipswich in 1983. Ethelinda died at Felixstowe, Suffolk in 1971, her first name is variously Ethelina, Ethelind or Ethelinda.