DE BEERSKI, Count John

? - 1868

John De Beerski, was a Russian nobleman, the owner of an estate near Moscow, who, on the accession of the Emperor Nicholas, was obliged to leave Russia on account of his liberal views, being entirely ruined by his enforced exile, and having a taste for drawing, John took to miniature painting. Early in 1849, 'a miniature painter to the Courts of Holland and Nassau' advertising his works from Bazaar, St Andrew's Street, Norwich where he had a short residence as by April 1849 was exhibiting his miniatures in Bury St Edmund's of well-known personalities of Bury and its neighborhood. In 1851 his 35 year old wife Caroline, who was born in Devon, 'wife of J De Beerski, artist portrait painter' was living at 10 Crown Street, Bury St Edmund's, Suffolk with her children, John 13 and George 10, both born at Liege, Belgium, Sophie 8 born at The Hague, Holland and Henry Frederick Boyle 3, born at Woolwich, Kent whilst her husband was travelling in Paris and in Brussels, but he seems to had been in debt and on 30 June 1851 he sold up in Bury St Edmund's. De Beerski was also an early photographer and in November 1854 he held a cosmorama 'Views of St Petersburgh' at the the Royal Panoptican, Leicester Square, London and by 1861, his wife Caroline, now a photographic artist, was living at 125 Regent Street, St James Westminster, London with children Charles 21, born Liege and Sophie, both photographic artists. Some of De Beerski's paintings were exhibited in Paris in 1851 and he obtained first-class honours. In December 1863 he was advertising his work from 'Mr De Beerski's Studio, Victoria Road, Aldershot. His paintings represent Dutch peasants regaling and amusing themselves, and the interiors of Dutch cottages but he treated those subjects with a humorous delineation of character. He emigrated to America and his death at Rochester, New York, U.S.A., was announced in the 'New York Herald' of 5 January 1869 but he was buried in Mount Hope Cemetery in 1868.

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