HUNT, Edward Aubrey

1855 - 1922

Edward Aubrey Hunt

Edward Aubrey Hunt, was born at Weymouth, Massachusetts, USA on 7 February 1855, first of two sons of Edward Soper Hunt, firework manufacturer. Educated at Weymouth, Boston, Mass. and entered the architectural firm of Emerson & Fehmer but decided to take art as a career and admitted to L'Ecole des Beaux Arts in Paris and studied in Paris for five years. He married in 1876, Agnes FitzGibbon and returned to London in 1878 where he became an established artist but returned frequently to his home town of Weymouth, Boston where he painted and sold the paintings in England. An American artist who travelled extensively and must have lived at Lowestoft, Suffolk about 1910. He exhibited at Birmingham Royal Society of Artists; Liverpool Walker Art Gallery and the Royal Academy 1906-1938 from London 1906 and 1938, Conway, Wales in 1907 and from Lowestoft, Suffolk in 1910. As a means of supplementing his income as an artist, throughout his career Hunt painted portraits one of the more well-known of these portraits is of Andrew Carnegie's partner, Henry Phipps. In the 80s Aubrey Hunt was the father of four children, Edmund, Annie, Agnes and Gerald, however his marriage ended in the late 1880's. During one his trips to Tangier, Morocco he met Maude Chadwick and they were married in 1892 and they moved to Tangier where they remained for a some ten years and two of his important paintings are ‘Off the Barbara Coast’ and ‘Fantasia, Tangiers, Morroco’. Following the birth of his daughter, Mavis, Hunt returned to England living at a manor house at Hemmingford Grey, Huntingdonshire 1901-1904 and where they had another son, Wyndham and where some of his most successful landscapes and scenes along the river Ouse were done during these years but the family moved to Rye, Sussex in 1905. At the time of the First World War, Hunt and the family moved to Hastings. He died on November 22, 1922.

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