HUNNIBELL, Charles Frederick

c.1831 - 1913

Charles Frederick Hunnibell, was born about 1831 and baptised at St Clement's church, Ipswich on 26 June 1837, son of Timothy Hunnibell (1789-1863), a coach builder, and his wife Sarah née Platt, who married at St Clements church on 3 November 1811. As a coachbuilder of Bristol, Charles married at St Nicholas church, Ipswich on 9 March 1853, Anne, youngest daughter of the late Isaac Franklin. In 1858, was following in his father's trade as a coachbuilder, also had a tobacconist shop at Norwich Road, Ipswich and is listed in the Ipswich General Directory 1862-3 as a coachmaker & tobacconist of 14 Norwich Road. By 1865, a professor of music, at 46 St Nicholas Street, and in 1871 a professor of music still living at 46 St Nicholas Street, with his 40 year old wife Annie and five children, Anna Lucy 14, Kate Eliza 7, Barrington Charles (1866-1930) and newly born twins Sidney Eustace and Adela Evelyn, all born at Ipswich. By 1875 they had moved to 45 Butter Market where Charles was a music seller and in 1881 a 49 year old music seller at 45 Butter Market with his 51 year old wife Anne, born Ipswich and children, 25 year old Frederick Charles, a teacher of music, 23 year old Anne [q.v.], an assistant music seller, 17 year old Kate Eliza, 14 year old Barrington Charles, and twins 10 year old Adela Evelyn and Sidney, all born at Ipswich. 1888-1892 Frederick had a music & pianoforte warehouse and fine art depôt at 22 Butter Market. A painter in oil of figure subject and a member of the Ipswich Fine Art Club 1884-1895, but had exhibited in 1881 from 45 Butter Market, Ipswich three pictures, ‘Stutton Rectory’, 'Pin Mill' and 'Portrait from Life'; in 1882 'The Young Smith', 'In the Cloisters' and 'Will you Buy a Fern, Sir'; in 1883 'An Ipswich Workman, from Life', 'Farm Yard, Stutton', 'View of the Stour, from Holbrook Churchyard', 'Alone, from Life' and 'The Steward' and continued to exhibit 1884-1897. In 1896 trading as Charles Frederick Hunnibell & Son, pianoforte warehouse at 22 Butter Market. Charles died at Ipswich on 7 April 1913, aged 81. (Copsey - Ipswich Book Trades, Ipswich 2011)