HUNNIBELL, Charles Frederick

c.1831 - 1913

Charles Frederick Hunnibell, was born about 1831 and baptised at St Clement's church, Ipswich on 26 June 1837, son of Timothy Hunnibell (1789-1863), a coach-builder, and his wife Sarah née Platt, who married at St Clements church on 3 November 1811. As a coach-builder of Bristol, Charles married at St Nicholas church, Ipswich on 9 March 1853, Anne (17 July 1829-15 April 1907), youngest daughter of the late Isaac Franklin (1793-1842). In 1858, was following in his father's trade as a coach-builder, also had a tobacconist shop at Norwich Road, Ipswich and is listed in the Ipswich General Directory 1862-3 as a coach-maker & tobacconist of 14 Norwich Road. By 1865, a professor of music, at 46 St Nicholas Street, and in 1871 a professor of music still living at 46 St Nicholas Street, with his 40 year old wife Annie and five children, Annie Lucy 14, Kate Eliza 7, Barrington Charles (1866-1930) and newly born twins Sidney Eustace and Adela Evelyn, all born at Ipswich. By 1875 they had moved to 45 Butter Market, Ipswich where Charles was a music seller and in 1881 a 49 year old music seller at 45 Butter Market with his 51 year old wife Anne, born Ipswich and children, 25 year old Frederick Charles, a teacher of music, 23 year old Annie [q.v.], an assistant music seller, 17 year old Kate Eliza, 14 year old Barrington Charles, and twins 10 year old Adela Evelyn and Sidney, all born at Ipswich. 1888-1892 Frederick had a music & pianoforte warehouse and fine art depôt at 22 Butter Market. Charles studied at the Ipswich School of Science and Art and in 1884 won 1st prize for 'the best full figure draped'. A painter in oil of figure subjects and a member of the Ipswich Fine Art Club 1884-1895, but had exhibited from 1881 from 45 Butter Market, Ipswich three pictures, ‘Stutton Rectory’, 'Pin Mill' and 'Portrait from Life'; in 1882 'The Young Smith', 'In the Cloisters' and 'Will you Buy a Fern, Sir'; in 1883 'An Ipswich Workman, from Life', 'Farm Yard, Stutton', 'View of the Stour, from Holbrook Churchyard', 'Alone, from Life' and 'The Steward' and continued to exhibit 1884-1897. In 1896 trading as Charles Frederick Hunnibell & Son, pianoforte warehouse at 22 Butter Market. Charles died at Ipswich on 7 April 1913, aged 81. (Copsey - Ipswich Book Trades, Ipswich 2011)