TUNMER, George

1806 - 1864

George Tunmer, was born at Ipswich on 18 December 1806 and baptised at Tacket Street Independent Church on 1 February 1807, son of Robert Tunmer (1782-1828) and his wife Ann née Adams (1782-1831). George married at St Matthew's Church, Ipswich on 21 May 1833, Elizabeth Kettle (1816-1852). A member of the Ipswich Society of Professional & Amateur Artists from 1834, where he was probably tutored by Henry Davy [q.v.]. In 1841, a draper in Tavern Street, Ipswich, and was still there in 1851, a 44 year old woollen draper, with his 34 year old wife Elizabeth and their seven children, Thomas Kettle, 14, Alfred George (1841-3 October 1863), John Harris 10, Neville 5, Elizabeth 3, Emma 1 and newly born Marian, all born at Ipswich. His wife died at Ipswich in 1852 and by 1861 George had moved to Freehold Road, St Margaret, Ipswich with three of his children. He died at Ipswich on 21 February 1864.