DUPONT, Sophia Gainsborough

1791 - 1855

Sophia Gainsborough Dupont, was baptised at Sudbury, Suffolk on 28 September 1791, daughter of Richard Dupont (1759-1837), maltster of Market Place, Sudbury, and a brother to artist Thomas Gainsborough’s nephew, and his wife Jane née Clarke (1757-1817) of Clare, Suffolk who married in December 1785. A sister of Richard Gainsborough Dupont [q.v.] and as Miss Gainsborough Dupont of Sudbury was a member of the Ipswich Society of Professional & Amateur Artists from 1835, where she was probably tutored by Henry Davy [q.v.]. In 1851, 59 year old Richard, 56 year old Jane and 54[sic] year old Sophia were living at Wigan End, St Peter parish, Sudbury, all were unmarried. She died at Sudbury and buried at St Peter's church on 23 May 1855, aged 60[sic].

This Miss Gainsborough Dupont, may have been her sister Jane born at Sudbury about 1795 and died at Sudbury in 1856.