DUPONT, Sophia Gainsborough

1791 - 1856

Sophia Gainsborough Dupont, was baptised at Sudbury, Suffolk on 28 September 1791, daughter of Richard Dupont (1759-1837), maltster of Market Place, Sudbury, and a brother to artist Thomas Gainsborough’s nephew, and his wife Jane née Clarke (1757-1817) of Clare, Suffolk who married in December 1785. A sister of Richard Gainsborough Dupont [q.v.] and as Miss Gainsborough Dupont of Sudbury was a member of the Ipswich Society of Professional & Amateur Artists from 1835, where she was probably tutored by Henry Davy [q.v.]. In 1851, 59 year old Richard, 56 year old Jane and 54[sic] year old Sophia were living at Wigan End, St Peter parish, Sudbury, all were unmarried. She died at Sudbury on 10 December 1856.