1802 - 1870

Benjamin Backhouse, was born at Rendham, Saxmundham, Suffolk on 25 April and baptised as Rendham Independent Church on 12 June 1802, son of Philemon Backhouse (1761-1821) and his wife Elizabeth. He married firstly at St Clement's church, Ipswich on 5 April 1822, Mary Ann Prentice and secondly in 1849, Mary Ann Branch. Backhouse was foreman to stonemason James de Carle and had a business at Diss, Norfolk but in 1828 he opened a stone and marble works at 1 St Matthews Street, Ipswich but by 1842 was an architect & surveyor at St Matthews, Ipswich when he took into partnership William Seward [q.v.], land surveyor. In 1851, a 48 year old architect & surveyor, living at Whitton Road, Ipswich with his 32 year old second wife Mary Ann, with four children. A member of the Ipswich Society of Professional & Amateur Artists from 1834, where he was probably tutored by Henry Davy [q.v.]. He died at his home at Norwich Road, Ipswich on 31 March 1870, aged 68. He was also an estate agent, stonemason and builder and the East Suffolk & Ipswich Hospital, Anglesea Road, Ipswich which was designed by William Ribbans [q.v.] was erected by Backhouse