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J. Hodgson is noted as an exhibitor from 38 Churchgate Street, Bury St Edmundís, Suffolk in 1874, of one work at the Royal Academy ĎThe Chalk Millí, he also exhibited a sketch at the Society of British Artists. I have been unable to find any J. Hodgson in Bury St Edmundís during this time.

Royal Academy Exhibits
from 38 Churchgate Street, Bury St Edmund's
1874 442 The Chalk Mill

Also exhibiting at the Royal Academy in 1874 was John Evan Hodgson, R. A., (1 March 1831-19 June 1895) from 5 Hill Road, Abbey Road, Northwest London.
1874 150 A Needy Knifegrinder
         286 Returning the Salute
         368 Odd Fish