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Gay S. Foenander spent much of her childhood exploring old farm barns, and places where one could discover old farm implements and tools of days gone by. She is inspired by the work of Harry Becker and his spontaneous, lively drawings, simplicity of image, and the evocative atmosphere of his freely painted oils with their warm, earthy colours. A professional artist who likes to draw directly from the subject, using pencil, charcoal, and pastels. She donated from South Manor Farm, Bramfield, Halesworth, Suffolk at the 'Westhall Secret Postcard Auction' 2012 'Nesting Grebes' and in 2013, a watercolour & pencil 'Girl with the Chicken'. She has also exhibited at the Cork Brick Gallery, Bungay, Suffolk.

A Dylan Foenander (1973-) also donated to the 'Westhall Secret Postcard Auction' from the same address at the same exhibition in 2013, a pencil sketch 'Kitty Bingo'.

Works by This Artist