BAYLIE, Christopher

1943 - ?

Chris Baylie

Christopher A. Baylie was born at Grantham, Lincolnshire in 1943, son of Albert Alexander Baylie (1916-11 April 1943) and his wife Mary Elizabeth née Skelton (1921-6 July 1974), who married at St Luke's Sleaford, Lincolnshire on 12 January 1942, his 27-year-old father was killed in action in Tunisia. Chris has been interested in art since an early age and from these early beginnings his art has developed through traditional mediums, from pencil sketches, pen and ink, watercolours and finally up to oils. He concentrates on seascapes and landscapes and the occasional portrait. A qualified seed analyst who, on his retirement, spends his time in his studio painting in oils. He married at Bury St Edmund's, Suffolk in 1982, Susan M. Perry. A member the Suffolk Art Society and an exhibitor at the Ipswich Art Society from 40 Plovers Way, Bury St Edmund's and exhibits regularly in East Anglia.

Works by This Artist